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Medical Office Specialist With Business English Certification

Students who opt for a medical office specialist with business English certification program learn different medical terminologies, diseases and treatments, medical record-keeping techniques, and patient intake procedures. In addition, the students are provided with a 300-hour business English communication class as required for entry into any English-spoken medical environment.

Course Description: The program commences with 300 hours of Business Communication class to enhance the student’s communication skills in a business environment. The program will also introduce the student to software in high demand that are utilized in medical offices dealing with word processing, spreadsheet data analysis, customized presentations and electronic mail messaging. Students learn to apply medical office billing procedures in conjunction with specific professional software utilities.

Course Objectives: Students of the Medical Office Specialist with Business English course will learn to apply medical office billing procedures together with specialized professional software tools for the medical industry. The medical office specialist course will also empower students to address the latest professional demands for the medical officer and will groom them to take up specialized roles of medical officer administrative assistant.

The students will be given practical knowledge of latest software utilities used in the medical field, such as:

  • Spreadsheet data analysis
  • Electronic mail messaging
  • Word processing
  • Customized presentation

Medical office specialists work in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Their primary duties include greeting guests, keeping medical records, maintaining the front office, handling billing procedures, etc. Individuals looking to work in this domain can enroll in the medical office specialist with business English course to learn the tricks of the trade from our qualified instructors.

The medical assistant training program also provides training in medical coding, a highly sought after skill that allows the individuals to convert medical procedures into codes to facilitate insurance and billing processes.

Medical office specialist program aims at practical courses that offer specific training in medical coding and record keeping, filing procedures, etc. The course broadly covers:

  • Medical terminology
  • Medical billing procedures
  • Medical coding
  • Medical diseases and treatment
  • Law and ethics in medicine
  • Business communication

We offer carefully-designed medical office specialist with business English course at our Flushing location in Queens that is easy to approach by buses and trains. Our qualified instructors make sure you get professional training to justify the roles and responsibilities of a medical office specialist at any healthcare establishment.

Course Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent

Course Hours: 900

Prerequisites: Completed nursing education from foreign country, and ESL placement test.

Business Communication

  • Unit 1: Communication Foundations
  • Unit 2: The Writing Process in the Digital Age
  • Unit 3: Workplace Communication
  • Unit 4: Reports, Proposals, and Presentations
  • Unit 5: Employment Communication

Microsoft Word 2013

  • Unit 1 Editing and Formatting Documents
  • Unit 2 Enhancing and Customizing Documents

Microsoft Excel 2013

  • Unit 1 Preparing and Formatting Worksheets
  • Unit 2 Enhancing the Display of Workbooks

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Unit 1 Creating and Formatting PowerPoint Presentations
  • Unit 2 Customizing and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • Unit 1 Outlook 2013 Screen
  • Unit 2 Messages: Basic Tasks
  • Unit 3 Message Window Features
  • Unit 4 Messages: Advanced Tasks
  • Unit 5 Calendar
  • Unit 6 Contacts
  • Unit 7 Tasks and To-Do Items

Microsoft Publisher 2013

  • Unit 1 Publisher 2013 Screen
  • Unit 2 The Fundamentals
  • Unit 3 Formatting
  • Unit 4 Text Boxes
  • Unit 5 Drawing and Graphics

Microsoft OneNote 2013

  • Unit 1 OneNote Screen
  • Unit 2 The Fundamentals
  • Unit 3 Keystroke Shortcuts
  • Unit 4 Notebook Tasks
  • Unit 5 Tagging
  • Unit 6 Sharing
  • Unit 7 Drawing and Graphics

Essential Healthcare Terminology

Administrative Medical Assisting


  • Unit 1: Introduction to Medical Assisting and Health Professions
  • Unit 2: The Therapeutic Approach
  • Unit 3: Responsible Medical Practice


  • Unit 4: Integrated Administrative Procedures
  • Unit 5: Managing Facility Finances


  • Unit 6: Office and Human Resources Management
  • Unit 7: Entry into the Profession

Understanding Health Insurance I: Billing

Understanding Health Insurance II: Reimbursement