Starting a business is not an easy task. It puts so many responsibilities on your shoulders as you have to look after a lot of things such as recording sales, paying employees and producing invoices. It’s not possible to do everything yourself. To maximize the potential of your business, you need a professional who can help you to keep record books safe and arranged. Bookkeepers are professionals who can help you keep the records for your business.

The bookkeeping profession is in high demand due to grown stresses and requirements of different types of compliance and regulations. If you’ve got excellent organizational skills and interest in numbers, bookkeeping can be an ideal fit for you. All it takes is a quality education and a good amount of dedication. Looking for bookkeeping training in Bronx can help you begin a successful career.

What do bookkeepers do?

Some of the tasks and duties of a bookkeeper are-

* Preparing checks and making remittances.
* Keeping track of all losses.
* Handling accounts, financial reports, deposits, receipts, and payroll of a business.
* Doing all paperwork that requires financial statements.

In short, a bookkeeper has to keep a track of the money coming in and going out in a company.

What is a Bookkeeping Training Course?

A Bookkeeping training course is specially designed for candidates who want to work with a firm or company. The course enhances the communication skills that are required in business deals and records, especially in writing. The training program starts with the development of business communication skills, learning the latest office computer applications and taking professional bookkeeping classes. This course makes students explore typical business issues and helps them build a professional standard of language needed to communicate in the modern world of business.

Important aspects of the training program-

* Well-managed curriculum
* Taught by professionally trained and experienced instructors
* Lots of job opportunities
* Flexible class schedules
* Short program that requires minimal time

Course Overview-

The bookkeeping training program basically includes eleven topics which are further categorized into different chapters and units.

*  You will learn the basic business communication skills. This is the foundation of the course.
* How to complete accounting cycle including asset, liability and capital accounts, journals, double-entry bookkeeping, and ledgers.
* Moreover, you will learn how to calculate interest, bad debts, inventory, and plant assets and depreciation.
* Under the topic accounting fundamentals, you learn about decision-making techniques, manufacturing operations, partnerships and corporations, budgeting, standard costs, and cost analysis.
* In addition, you will do various practical exercises, problems, and simulations to strengthen your understanding and skills.
* The bookkeeping training course covers Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, business communication, Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Publishers, MS Office 365, and QuickBooks. These are the topics that will enable you to learn computer operations.

Qualifications for enrolling in the course- The basic qualification criteria required to enroll in the Bookkeeping Training course is a high school diploma or equivalent. Moreover, it is a short-term program of just 900 hours.

If you enjoy working with computers and solving problems, Bookkeeping Training course in Bronx could be right for you. We, at ACS offer the best training programs that enable students to have a strong grip on the business communication skills.