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International Students

To study in America, foreign students need F and M visas with SEVIS certification. We offer assistance to help our international students with visa processing and SEVIS forms.
In our school, we focus on enhancing the overall skills of our students, rather than just providing the classroom education.
Here, students get comfortable and flexible schedules for their classes. To get more information about schedules at ACS, contact us.
In ACS, foreigner students can get registered in following programs:

Admissions Procedures

According to visa rules, it is necessary for students to prove they are capable of paying living and tuition expenses during their course of study. They need to show enough funds in a certified bank statement from their sponsor.
To apply for a program, a student need to fill out our application form. For admission, they also need to submit necessary documents, which are listed in the checklist for international students.

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When a student is accepted by the ACS, their acceptance letter is mailed to them with SEVIS form I-20.
Types of students
Requirement of documents in ACS depends on the student’s status. Here are the different scenarios-

  • Students that are residing outside the USA, but wants to get admission in school’s program
  • Students that are already residing in the America with a visa other than F-1 or M-1 student visas, but wants to change their status to a student by getting admission in school’s program
  • Students that are residing in the America with a student visa, but wants to change school

To get your list of necessary document according to your status, see the checklist of documents.

Download Forms
To download ACS forms, click here