A valid government/school issued photo ID must be presented in order to take exams.

Lockers will be provided to store all items (phones, books, etc.) not permitted inside the testing area. Hats must be removed before entering the testing area.

All authorized testing aids must be presented to testing center staff. Testing aids may not be shared.

Talking is not permitted in the testing area.

All testing center materials must be returned to the proctor before leaving the testing area.

Center policies regarding misconduct, and academic integrity, will be enforced. Any irregularities will be reported.

On the day of the exam, you will have to sign an agreement form with the following exam rules:

  • I will not take the following types of personal items into the testing room: cellular phones or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats (and other head coverings), bags, coats, books and notes. Studying is not allowed in the test center.
  • I will store these items in a secure area indicated by the administrator. Cellular phones and other electronic devices must be turned off prior to placing them in the designated secure area. The testing center is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced personal items.
  • If I am given an exam-specific materials, I will not use them until after the exam has started. I will not remove these items from the testing room at any time during the exam, and I will return them to the administrator immediately after the exam.
  • I understand that eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum and making noise that creates a disturbance for other candidates are prohibited during the exam.
  • The administrator will monitor me continuously while I take my exam. The session may be videotaped or otherwise recorded for security or other purposes.
  • If I experience problems that affect my ability to take the exam, I will notify the administrator immediately.
  • The administrator cannot answer questions related to exam content. If I have questions of this nature, I will contact the exam sponsor after I leave the testing center.
  • Break policies are established by the exam sponsor. Some exams may include scheduled breaks, and instructions will appear on the computer screen at the appropriate time; whether or not the exam timer stops depends on the sponsor’s policy. If I take an unscheduled break at any other time, the exam timer will not be stopped. The administrator will set my workstation to the break mode, and I will take my ID with me when I leave the room. The administrator will check my ID before I return to my seat and will then restart my exam.
  • While I am taking a scheduled break, I am permitted to access personal items that I stored during the exam. While I am taking an unscheduled break, I am NOT allowed access to personal items other than medication required at a specific time and with the approval of the test administrator. Items not permitted include but are not limited to: cellular phones, exam notes and study guides, unless specifically permitted by the exam sponsor.
  • I will not try to remove copies of exam questions and answers from the testing center, and I will not share or discuss the questions or answers seen in my exam with other candidates.
  • I understand that any violation of the regulations stated above will result to termination of my exam and that I will barred from taking any further exams in this institution as well as to the other institution under the same management.
  • After the exam ends, the administrator will check my workstation and ensure my exam has ended properly. The exam sponsors may display my score on the screen after the exam or may provide a printed score report. If a printed score report is provided, I will receive it after returning the exam materials to the administrator.