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English as a Second Language

Sharpen your professional skills to add value to your resume

ACS.edu provides English as a second language course to non-native speakers. The program is taught be our highly-qualified instructors who have good industry experience and covers the fundamentals of English, including conversation and listening, grammar, reading, and writing.

The English as a second language course is aimed to help the students enhance their English communication skills. The ESL certification course is designed for professionals employed in English-centric environments, students of universities and colleges in the US, and anyone willing to learn effective English for professional or personal requisites.

The ESL certificate is awarded to students who complete a minimum of 100 hours of the English as a second language course.

The ESL certification course offered at our Flushing location in Queens is supervised by qualified English language instructors to help students of other languages learn to effectively communicate (read and write) in today’s English-centric environment.

It helps students gain confidence and boost their resume for improved career outlook. We are ideally placed in the heart of Flushing in Queens and are easily approachable by buses and trains. In addition, ACS.edu provides job assistance to all students who successfully complete the English language course. Our English language course provides students the skills required for employment in English-spoken environment or admission to further studies.

Highlights of ACS’s English as a Second Language Course

  • Highly experienced English language instructors
  • Carefully-designed curriculum
  • Interactive learning methods
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Ultramodern infrastructure

ESL Course Objectives

Students work with a qualified English language instructor to complete a full-time curriculum (100 hours) as per selected courses. The class offers intensive knowledge in conversation and listening, grammar, reading and writing skills.

All students who successfully complete the English as a second language course can expect to gain fluency in spoken and written English. Grades are allocated to each course content and the students are eligible to receive a transcript of the record.

Business Communication

  • Unit 1: Communication Foundations
  • Unit 2: The Writing Process in the Digital Age
  • Unit 3: Workplace Communication
  • Unit 4: Reports, Proposals, and Presentations
  • Unit 5: Employment Communication

Microsoft Word 2013

  • Unit 1 Editing and Formatting Documents
  • Unit 2 Enhancing and Customizing Documents

Microsoft Excel 2013

  • Unit 1 Preparing and Formatting Worksheets
  • Unit 2 Enhancing the Display of Workbooks

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Unit 1 Creating and Formatting PowerPoint Presentations
  • Unit 2 Customizing and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • Unit 1 Outlook 2013 Screen
  • Unit 2 Messages: Basic Tasks
  • Unit 3 Message Window Features
  • Unit 4 Messages: Advanced Tasks
  • Unit 5 Calendar
  • Unit 6 Contacts
  • Unit 7 Tasks and To-Do Items

Microsoft Publisher 2013

  • Unit 1 Publisher 2013 Screen
  • Unit 2 The Fundamentals
  • Unit 3 Formatting
  • Unit 4 Text Boxes
  • Unit 5 Drawing and Graphics

Microsoft OneNote 2013

  • Unit 1 OneNote Screen
  • Unit 2 The Fundamentals
  • Unit 3 Keystroke Shortcuts
  • Unit 4 Notebook Tasks
  • Unit 5 Tagging
  • Unit 6 Sharing
  • Unit 7 Drawing and Graphics