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Job Placement

Career Development

All students and graduates of ACS are invited and encouraged to attend the career workshops. The workshops are scheduled every month and are offered at no charge to current students. The workshop covers a variety of career related topics including resumes, business cards, making contacts (and keeping them), and portfolios. The workshop schedules guest speakers, and provides an open forum for graduates and students to exchange ideas and peer counsel one another. The career development workshops are ongoing and available to all students and graduates in good standing. Prior registration for the service is required and all students’ rules and policies will be enforced. Non-compliance with the rules will result in the expulsion of the graduate or student from the program.

All post-graduate careers services, including preparation of diplomas and certificates, writing resumes, reviewing portfolios, and assisting with job placement and employment opportunities are provided to all graduates. However, these services are strictly based on successful completion of the selected course or program.

Professional Workshops

In order to provide ongoing education to our students, ACS offers a series of professional seminars on a variety of topics. Seminar topics include; resume writing, confidence building, interviewing, networking and job search. These workshops are typically held on Saturdays and other special announced dates. Please call the admissions office for a current schedule of classes.

Placement Assistance

Alliance Computing Solutions provides placement assistance to all graduates of the program, who are in good standing. The school cannot and does not promise or guarantee employment upon completion of a program. ACS also offers Career Seminars that include guest speakers. The career seminars are held on a monthly basis and open to all students. Students are encouraged to engage in as many activities as possible.