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Pharmacy Technician Training Program in Manhattan $3,999.00


Pharmacy technician training program helps a student gain extensive experience of various pharmacy practices that are required to successfully work in a diversity of pharmacy setting. Pharmacy technicians perform the same duties as that of a pharmacist to prepare medications for patients. Pharmacy technicians generally find employment in retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, nursing home pharmacies, home health care pharmacies, nuclear medicine pharmacies, clinic pharmacies, etc. At present, the majority of employment in this discipline is offered by retail pharmacies and hospitals.

Other major roles and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician may include compounding mixtures, preparing sterile products including intravenous mixtures or eye drop compounds, etc. Demand for pharmacy technicians is increasing steady and their average earning is up to $37/hour.

Why earn a pharmacy technician certificate?

  • Pharmacy tech jobs are growing briskly
  • Get certified in less than a year
  • Feel good factor by working to help others
  • Variety of professional options from hospitals to retail pharmacies
  • Advance opportunities to grow and excel in the healthcare setting

The pharmacy technician training program at our Manhattan location in New York provides a student with hands-on functional experience of working with prescription medications, label preparation and receive verbal orders from prescriber. In addition, it helps them comprehensively understand and master various skills employers at any pharmacy establishment look for in a candidate. The students will learn to:

  • Transcribe doctors’ orders
  • File insurance claims
  • Safely handle medications
  • Prepare prescription medications
  • Authorize prescription refills

Students learn the operational basics of PACMED® high-speed automated medication packager and preparation of sterile products in sterile production hoods.

With a state-of-the-art lab facility in Manhattan, ACS offers an integrated Pharmacy Technician Training Program to prepare the students for various entry-level positions in the healthcare sector. Our experienced and qualified instructors use cutting-edge technology and interactive learning to generate dispensary-ready professionals for the competitive and rewarding pharmacist positions.

Course Hour : 125

Course Prerequisite :

High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmacy Ethics
  • Pharmaceutical Terminology and Abbreviations
  • Routes and Dosage
  • Basic Bio Pharmaceutics
  • Drug Regulation and Control
  • Top 200 Drugs
  • Community Pharmacy Calculations
  • Parenterals
  • Institutional Pharmacy Calculations
  • Financial Issues
  • Introduction to Compounding
  • Inventory Management
  • Classroom Work Stimulation
  • Certification Review
  • Why isn’t there a start and end date listed?
We don’t show it because we start courses based on the amount of demands for each course. If there’s a course you are interested in applying, please give us a call and tell us an estimate of a start date you’ll like (does not necessarily mean we will start it on that day).
  • Could classes be canceled?
We have a minimum requirement of 5 students for each course. If a class happens to not have reached that minimum amount, it could be canceled before it begins or during.
  • What happens if it get canceled?
We will refund back your money based on the time you spend with us. If it’s canceled before it starts we will refund back 100% of your money.