Bookkeeping specialists are primarily responsible for recording and managing business transactions for their clients’ daily financial activities. They record, oversee, and facilitate all the transactions associated with a certain account. Moreover, Bookkeepers protect their clients by ensuring that all the transactions are compliant with federal laws and regulations. Being a Bookkeeper, you can expect to work for a company or as a freelance employee.

Bookkeeping is a lucrative, in-demand, and remote-friendly career option. Even if you have absolutely no professional bookkeeping experience, you can get started with this career path. That said, you need to acquire the skills and learn the basics of business finance. And the best way to acquire the training is by enrolling in a certified professional Bookkeeper course.

The Alliance Computing Solutions (ACS) is a leading institute offering a certified Bookkeeping specialist training program in NY. Whether you are a beginner or want to acquire advanced-level skills, our training program is designed to provide practical knowledge and hands-on training to aspiring professionals looking to advance their careers, prepare for a superior professional designation or earn a certification.

    Our training program consists of

  • Excel for Accounting
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Payrolls
  • Quickbooks

We believe Bookkeepers can leverage various professional accounting software programs such as Office 365 Suite and QuickBooks to make their roles more efficient and data-driven. Thus, our bookkeeping classes will also introduce students to software programs such as Office 365 and Quickbooks.

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software that became widely popular after its launch by Intuit. It is an easy-to-use accounting software solution that can easily handle the accounting needs of business owners. Nowadays, small businesses are more extensively using QuickBooks to manage their sales and income by creating invoices and recording all their business transactions.

Since skilled bookkeeping specialists are highly in demand, learning advanced skills, such as creating spreadsheet data analysis, customized presentations, and using QuickBooks, can be an excellent way to get ahead in the competitive job market.

What will you learn in the Bookkeeping Specialist program?

To become a Certified Bookkeeper, you will need to get enrolled in a Bookkeeping Training Program. ACS offers a specialized Bookkeeping Specialist (900 hrs) program that covers business communication, MS Office 365, Accounting fundamentals, QuickBooks, and bookkeeping.

During the training, students will learn to:

    Manage business revenue and sales

  • Creating invoices and recording sales per client
  • Keeping track of all business expenditures and accounts payable
  • Analyze and monitor business’ productivity and stability
  • Efficiently set up and manage employee payrolls with QuickBooks for W-2 payroll.
  • Managing inventory with QuickBooks
  • Reconciling bank account and creating an efficient filing system to keep track of all the business finances
  • Using fraud prevention and Internal control features
  • Minimizing and correcting any accounting errors

We also provide business communication training along with Bookkeeping training to help you enhance your business communication skills, especially in writing. So, if you want to learn advanced-level skills to become a professional Bookkeeper, get enrolled in a certified Bookkeeping training program at Alliance Computing Solutions (ACS).