Medical Assistant Training

Health Care Career is booming, anyone with a passion caring other can join. Health care jobs will not be affected by the economic fluctuation, it is a steady career with a great potential grow opportunities. Medical assistant program is great for someone who would like to get their foot into the door in the exciting health care field, once you have the skills, you can work for

  1. Physician Offices,
  2. Public & Private Hospitals,
  3. Inpatient & Outpatient clinics
  4. Long term Care facilities
  5. Insurance companies and
  6. Other healthcare related facilities

At ACS, you will receive the quality education that prepares you to become a medical professional in 36 weeks achieve career success. Start here, Go anywhere! Our Medical Assistants (MA) consist of administrative and clinical areas of job responsibilities. ACS provides hands-on, comprehensive raining that prepares you for a career in a broad scope of opportunities give you better job options upon graduation. ACS staff is qualified and caring with a focus on helping you to succeed providing real tools to thrive in your next career. The following are attributes and topics covered in the program.

  1. Essential Healthcare
  2. Medical Office Administration
  3. Records Management w/ Medical Law and Ethics
  4. Anatomy and Physiology
  5. Clinical Procedures
  6. Pharmacology for Medical Assistant
  1. Electrocardiography (EKG)
  2. Phlebotomy
  3. Physical Therapy Tech.
  4. Urinalysis, Microbiology and Clinical Asepsis
  5. Externship

Many Occupations options:

Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Biller, Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, EKG Technician, Physical Therapy Technician


  • Must be High School graduated or above
  • Need to have a good command of English
  • A lawful permanent resident if wish to apply for Federal financial Aid

Benefits to choose our school

  • Accredited School and licensed by NYS Dept. of Education
  • More Affordable tuition compares with other Schools
  • Federal Financial Aide available for those who qualifies
  • Centrally located in Mid-town Manhattan and Flushing Queens,
  • Easy access to all the public transportation
  • Small class size, individualized attention from the instructor
  • Hands-on training to simulate real medical settings
  • Internship available to gain the real-world experience
  • Job Placement Assistance available

Our institute is affiliated with the following departments and agencies.