Pharmacy Technician Program

This comprehensive course is designed to thoroughly prepare students for the NHA’s Pharmacy Technician Exam. Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the exam and become confident pharmacy technicians. Learning about roles and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician and the legal and ethical considerations that govern pharmacy practice. Students will become proficient in pharmaceutical terminology and commonly used abbreviations, enabling them to accurately interpret prescriptions and medication orders. This program is funded by the New York State with NO cost for eligible residents of the state.

Pharmacy Technician Course Content (125 hours)

  • Pharmacy practice and ethics
  • Pharmaceutical terminology and abbreviations
  • Pharmacology and drug classes
  • Pharmaceutical calculations
  • Medication safety and quality assurance
  • Pharmacy operations and inventory management
  • Pharmacy law and regulations
  • Compounding and sterile techniques
  • Medication therapy and patient education
  • Mock exams and practice questions

Why become a Pharmacy Technician?

  • In-demand jobs for Pharmacy Technicians in New York
  • Job opportunities easily available after successful completion
  • Higher pay per hour with good working conditions after completion
  • Flexible working hours that goes hand in hand with technology
  • You don’t need an expensive degree
  • You will always be in demand!

Eligibility Requirements

Must be a New York State resident. Seeking employment with the intention of upgrade or Career Change, High school diploma OR GED together with Identification.