Times change almost as quickly as people change out cell phones. As our world looks to become more of a connected and global economy, we are also learning how to interact better. There are a number of good reasons for someone to take an English Language Course in Manhattan, NY or English Language Course in Brooklyn, NY. Here are some reasons why learning English as a second language is such an important thing for any Non-English speakers:

  • Over 20% of the world’s population speaks English.
  • Over 20% of the United States population speaks English and a second language.
  • The majority of US Citizens speak English. If you’re living in the United States for an extended time/or permanently, learning how to speak English will help you navigate through daily life in the United States much easier.

Forming A Global Bond

There aren’t many better feelings in this world than having the ability to communicate with someone from a different culture. Doing so in that person’s native tongue is an even better feeling. Some people learn a new language before traveling abroad. Many others also learn a new language to try and form new bonds, friendships, or to simply enjoy different experiences. Learning English as a second language here at ACS of New York can help you form a global bond that will help you feel more connected to the world at large. It can also help you better integrate into the community around you here in the United States as well.

Forming New Business Opportunities

Have you ever tried applying for a new job, but the recruiter only spoke English? Have you been trying to start a new business, build new contacts, or maybe just improve your relations with native English speakers? Learning English as a second language here at ACS of New York can help you achieve all of those things and more.

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