English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, and it is becoming more common for English to be the standard or default language in many workplace settings and international settings. It is important as the workforce becomes more global and diverse that we are able to communicate with one another. Learning another language can be difficult, and it can be easier when you are learning with others that you can practice your language mastery skills. If you’re looking to enroll in English language courses in Manhattan or Brooklyn, then ACS wants to help you with your language learning goals.

ACS.edu has been providing English as a second language course for any non-native English speakers looking to learn English. Our programs are taught by our highly-trained instructors who have years of experience in teaching the fundamentals of the English language. This includes speaking, reading, listening, grammar, reading, writing, and comprehension. Our course is aimed to help students enhance their communication skills. With our classes at ACS.edu, our students will acquire the skills that will help them gain employment in English speaking environments or can be used to help them further their studies. Our students work closely with the instructors during this intensive course and should be expected after the successful completion of the course to be able to gain fluency in the English language.

Employers look favorably on potential employees who can speak more than one language. It helps set them apart from other candidates. After completion of their ESL certification courses, students can find that there are plenty of career avenues open to them. Many involving jobs that can take them across the world. ACS.edu has been helping students who are interested in expanding their skill set to meet the demands of a diverse workforce.

For over 20 years, ACS has been providing a wide range of courses, beginning with introductory-level courses in computers to the highest levels of certification available across multiple industries. ACS takes immense pride in providing excellent levels of knowledge on information technology and other professional career training fields throughout multiple industries. If you are interested in enrolling in English courses in Brooklyn or Manhattan, then call us today at (212)868-5990.