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Medical Billing and Coding Course in Manhattan, New York $2,000.00


American Academy of Professional Coders is bolstered by a National Advisory Board made up of authorized individuals representing clinics, payers, facilities and counseling firms. A Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is a person of high expert trustworthiness who has passed a coding confirmation examination supported by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

ACS provides comprehensive medical billing and coding course to help students learn the skills required for entry into the related service domain.

Qualities That A Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Should Possess

The examination comprises of inquiries with respect to the right application of CPT-4 codes and ICD-9-CM conclusion codes utilized for various restorative services to insurance agencies. A CPC must have no less than two years of experience in coding and show know to keep up yearly CEU necessities.

A CPC is a person who has accomplished a specific level of information and has efficient knowledge in the coding of procedures, services, and diagnoses required for physician practices. Apart from this, if you have completed your medical billing and coding course from a leading institution and have the required knowledge, you can pass through the chairs easily.

Responsibilities of a Professional Coder

  • Deciding exact codes for determinations, techniques, and services performed by doctors and perceived, authorized service providers in various healthcare facilities
  • To remain updated with medical consistence and repayment strategies
  • Performing different inspecting duties relevant to physician practice management and coding to keep up consistence with payer repayment approaches and legislative controls
  • Observing advancement coming about because of occasional internal audits
  • Providing training in coding and consistency issues to doctors, non-doctor suppliers and staff on a progressing premise
  • Execution of new coding rules in an opportune way within the practice
  • Refreshing other patient data forms as important every once in awhile
  • Refreshing the facility's expense plan in light of Relative Value Unit (RVU) updates that turn out yearly and in light of increases and cancellations to codes for methods, services, and supplies
  • Looking into clarifications of advantages from payers, assessing denied claims and filing appeals for denied claims

Why Prefer ACS For A Certification in Medical Billing And Coding?

  • Highly-qualified instructors
  • Precisely planned learning modules
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Ultramodern infrastructure
  • Job assistance

We have a team of qualified instructors with industry experience to ensure you get quality professional training in medical billing and coding that can help you sharpen your skills to fortify your resume. Our Manhattan centre in New York has helped numerous students learn advanced medical billing and coding skills to become eligible for good career opportunities. Also, we provide job assistance to the students of medical billing and coding course to help them advance their career in the right direction.

Course Hour : 75

Course Prerequisite : Introduction to Computers

Overview Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Terminology
  • Word Parts
  • Directional Terms
  • E/M codes
Integumentary System
  • Medical Terms used within this specialty.
  • CPT-4 codes for this specialty
Respiratory System
  • Medical Terms used within this specialty
  • CPT-4 codes for this specialty
Urinary System
  • Medical Terms used within this specialty
  • CPT-4 codes for this specialty
Reproductive System
  • Male and female
  • Medical Terms used within this specialty
  • CPT-4 codes for this specialty
Cardiovascular System
  • Medical Terms used within this specialty
  • CPT-4 codes for this specialty
Musculoskeletal System
  • Medical Terms used within this specialty
  • CPT-4 codes for this specialty
  • CPT-4 coding for Radiology
  • Quiz on Medical terminology and CPT-4 coding
Introduction to ICD-9 codes
  • ICD-9 codes
  • Quiz on ICD-9 codes
Medical Manager Software
  • Medical Manager, CPT-4, ICD-9 and Medical Terminology review
  • Why isn’t there a start and end date listed?
We don’t show it because we start courses based on the amount of demands for each course. If there’s a course you are interested in applying, please give us a call and tell us an estimate of a start date you’ll like (does not necessarily mean we will start it on that day).
  • Could classes be canceled?
We have a minimum requirement of 5 students for each course. If a class happens to not have reached that minimum amount, it could be canceled before it begins or during.
  • What happens if it get canceled?
We will refund back your money based on the time you spend with us. If it’s canceled before it starts we will refund back 100% of your money.