As one of the leading medical assistant training schools in Brooklyn, we get numerous applications for the medical assistant courses. While the students are fascinated with the healthcare sector and the course itself, they are not sure about the career opportunities or the fact why should they stay as medical assistant.

According to the studies done by  various institute, the career as a medical assistant shows the job growth of minimum of 23 percent. This is about 3 times more than other careers in healthcare sector. As a medical assistant, you will be handling patient insurance, billing and a variety of healthcare duties.

Want to know more? Here are 4 reasons why you should opt for medical assistant as a career choice:

  1. Career projection
    Healthcare industry is one of the rapidly growing employment sectors in the country. As mentioned above, the career as a medical assistant in this sector offers the job growth of about 23 percent. The hasty growth has been attributed to the aging Baby Boomer generation. The aging generation requires medical assistant and thus, visit the hospitals and other healthcare institution fairly often. Thus, the need of medical assistants has risen as the doctors need help with the variety of medical procedures.
  1. Accessibility
    Another reason why career as a medical assistant is the best is the accessibility. All you need is to opt for the medical assistant course, complete the dedicated number of hours and clear the (CMA) Certified Medical Assistant exam. The course at Alliance Computing Solutions (ACS) will impart you with practical as well as theoretical knowledge about your responsibilities in the organizations.
  1. Licensed trade
    Similar to the doctors and nurses, medical assistant is a licensed trade. This means that you will have to clear the Certified Medical Assistant exam (CMA). The certification provides you with a wide range of career opportunities and places to work with. As the test includes the in depth understanding of various procedures, it is important that you study hard and clear it with good grades. While the certification is not required by all the institutes, it opens the doors for a huge variety of opportunities. It also marks you as a professional individual.
  1. Predictable schedule
    The healthcare professionals have irregular working hours. This makes profession of medical assistant odd one out as you will have a predictable working schedule and steady working hours. You can also choose to work  in medical clinics and urgent clinic centers for better hours. If you don’t have any problems with cray schedule, you can even opt to work in multi speciality hospitals.

Do you want to be a part of healthcare sector? Interested in being a medical assistant? Opt for our medical assistant course! As one of the leading Medical assistant training schools in Brooklyn from last 37 years, you will have unlimited career and educational opportunities with us!